This sounds great! What does it cost?

Each chapter conducts robust fundraising throughout the months leading up to the summer hosting or travel period. Operation Friendship believes so strongly in the power of intercultural exchange that we want it to be affordable to as many families as possible.

​Our program is unique in that the hosting chapter covers all costs for traveling delegates upon arrival. Thus, during a hosting year fundraising efforts are aimed at covering activity expenses for the visiting delegates as well as the hosting delegates. During the travel year, however, fundraising is aimed covering our own delegates’ travel costs. The average cost of travel is $1,600 to $1,800, but is dependent on fluctuations in airfare. Fundraising is instrumental in offsetting these costs. Once your child arrives to their host country, activity costs are covered.

Is my child well cared for?

Yes. Adult Travel Advisors must apply to indicate interest, and are carefully interviewed. Once chosen, they gather for training in order to prepare for travel and situations that may arise, as will happen with groups of teens. OFA considers your child’s experience and their care its guiding priorities.

Furthermore, Operation Friendship of America has documented Delegate Protection Procedures and a designated Delegate Protection Agent. Hosting families must have all adult members in their household undergo background checks. Each European chapter also has their own delegate protection policies.

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